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Over the next few weeks this site, MamaManga, will be shutting down. For seven years, MamaManga provided visitors with a variety of titles focused on manga-style graphic novels, science fiction, and fantasy that promoted the joy and imaginative wonder of reading. But being an online independent book retailer is a difficult business, and MamaManga is no longer in a position to grow and compete.

Bringing the love of reading to both children and adults is still our top priority. A new website dedicated to creative content will take its place that will showcase imaginative and informative writing. Our resident author will share her work and the works of others, but will not have the bookstore available. Our Chief Imagination Officer will share fun designs that will invite you to imagine the story behind them. And our talented Automotive Hobby Engineer will provide occasional moments of practical creativity to your garage projects.

So come join us on our new journey and let us continue to share our creativity with you!

Ask Mama

I have a third grade boy who only likes to read comic books. How do I get him to read regular books?

First of all, your third grader is reading *something* and that is a good thing. Encourage his reading, even if it isn't quite a literary classic. The important question is "What kind of comic book is he reading?"

If he's reading Garfield or Calvin and Hobbs then introduce him to funny animal stories like Bunnicula or Dragonbreath. Into Pokemon or Ninjago? Try The Secret Zoo series or Night of the Ninjas from the popular Magic Treehouse series.(Side note: for those of you with emergent readers, the Pokemon franchise does make leveled reading books that are not graphic novels.)Read more here...