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Finisher All aboard the Grand Station Train!
Today’s destination is the mysterious Wormwood, located in a strange land surrounded by the dangerous territory known to the locals as The Quag. Do not stray too close to the Quag, or you will find yourself the next meal of any assortment of vile beasts. Once there, take in the simple sights of this humble village by visiting the shops of High Street, the Council Building and the Stacks. Beware however, if you go to the Stacks don’t go to the second floor, or you might find yourself injured or dead. The populace of Wormwood, known as Wugs, are quite isolated may think visitors are dangerous Outliers, so try your best to blend in. You may come across interesting Wugs along the way, but know that looks and actions may be deceiving. We have found that the Wugs Vega Jane and Delph Delphia are safe to converse with, but be wary of the Council. If you survive the journey, you will find the train ready to take you back to Grand Station, and your next destination.


Ask Mama

How do I inspire my child to write?

It starts with a simple sentence.

Some of my most enjoyable moments were teaching a five-session writing class to elementary students. This is an age where their imaginations are getting broader and more inventive. This is the best time to get them to write those wonderful thoughts down on paper. But not every child I had was very excited to write.Read more here...